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Vibrant Vibes, Vibrant You

Imagine training and developing a great team of people who want to work hard, be creative, and have fun!

Vibrant Vibes creates a space where employees feel appreciated and engaged while they learn new skills, build leadership capabilities, and achieve better results.

Our Purpose

Better communication. Better performance. Better results.

A great company is built on teamwork. We help you build a great company culture. Our training programs will bring out the best in your people and your company. 

Start with a team of experts at your service. Contact us today! 

What do we offer?

At Vibrant Vibes, we bring unique offerings to suit corporate and individual developmental needs. We are driven by the purpose to help your employees re-boot & upskill to improve performance and personal growth.
Increase Employee Engagement
With unique employee engagement solutions, Vibrant Vibes helps individuals acquire new skills or learn how to identify their strengths. This can increase productivity and engagement levels within an organization.

Company Culture
With culture strategy consulting, Vibrant Vibes is committed to creating a culture for your company that is motivating and engaged.

​Improve Employee Retention
Your employees will be engaged at work with corporate training and leadership development services. This will keep them happy, leading to better employee retention rates.​


Yury Pantaleev
(Group Strategy Leader, Global HR Development Division, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd)

When it comes to Learning and Development - Shikha is a person a leader can rely on. Excellent knowledge of various L&D tools and techniques, ability to plan program content contributing to the achievement of business goals, facilitation skills, and what's most important - being passionate about the job - is the combination of qualities making Shikha a trustworthy professional. No wonder her job results are highly appreciated by program participants as well as the management. A positive mindset, patience, and eagerness to learn and improve continuously are adding to the picture of a true professional.

Squadron Leader Dimple Rawat (Retd.)
HR Professional, Multi Award Winner.

Shikha is smart, modern, selfless, and has a versatile personality. She is an excellent speaker and a coach. I am awestruck every time I hear her. She speaks spontaneously from the heart. Got the opportunity to work on a project with her, and found her a very promising, encouraging, and seasoned professional. She is very mature and full of empathy for the people around her. Her articles on LinkedIn are so sticky and authentic that they create magic around. She strongly believes in and adds great value to people's life. I strongly recommend her.

Praveen Paranjpe

(Director & Senior Vice President, Honda Cars India Ltd.)

Shikha is a proactive and tireless contributor who would be a great addition to any organization. She demonstrated a high degree of training expertise by formulating Training systems, and processes and delivering customized training solutions within a short span in an entirely new environment. Her open style, excellent presentation skills, and thorough approach make her interventions apt, interesting, and actionable. I would highly recommend her for any position, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something she is passionate about.

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