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Personal Coaching & Mentoring
(One-to-One Series)

The world is full of challenges, and there is hardly anyone who can handle them without any issues. But when you understand yourself, you start finding solutions to such problems. Coaching is not just about success and failure, it's a way of understanding yourself and understanding your strengths as well. We all know what we're capable of, and we want to take control of our lives, but we don't always know how. That's where personal coaching comes in. 

It's a process that helps you work on your progress instead of perfection so you can reach your full potential. It's a participative and continuous process where you commit to the process. By doing this, you'll start seeing results quicker than you ever thought possible!  Discussions held will help you reform the walls into windows and grow inside-out.

Why coaching?

Are you someone who is looking for more in life?
  • More Happiness
  • Better Health & Wellbeing
  • Deeper Relationships
  • And increased productivity

Let me tell you it is possible to achieve this and more through Personal Coaching.
Our aim is to move you from discomfort -comfort , from disharmony to harmony and improve your overall sense of wellbeing & happiness to succeed in life.
Business Consultation

Happiness & Mindfulness Coaching Packages

Coaching packages have been designed to provide insights from coaching framework, time and tested wellbeing practices and self-discovered solutions. Pick a relevant module or custom-create your own ’roadmap’ to success and happiness.
We also provide Sr. Leadership Mentoring, Movement Therapy Sessions, and Personal Coaching.

Want to know more? Get all your answers. CONTACT US TODAY!

Important Information:

  • The coaching sessions are customized & tailormade to suit your needs.
  • Sessions are conducted weekly on Friday or Saturday for 60-90 minutes each, using Zoom or Google Meet.
  • You can expect reflection exercises & practices to instill changed behavior. Tools & Practices are curated to cater to your unique needs.
  • You agree to practice the tools & exercises and take accountability to commit to the entire coaching process to get results.
  • Pricing varies & depends on the objective chosen, timeline & design of the intervention.
  • If the need arises, you may review & re-set goals during the journey. 


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