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Inner Paradize

Improve self image & get unstuck to have enhanced life experiences and operate out of a state of awareness, acceptance and higher wellbeing.

Inner Paradise offers coaching for people who are ready to take charge of their life and let go of what binds them. We'll work on things like identifying one's belief system, understanding one's conditioning, and much more to have better relationships, increased experience, and more abundance in life. 

This coaching guides you through self-awareness, inner growth and self-love that allow you to let go of limiting beliefs & manifestations so you can live your life as a confident, empowered being with increased clarity, abundance and health.

Duration: 24 hrs (24 to 25 sessions, one hour weekly, over 6 months)

Important Information:

The coaching sessions are customized & tailormade to suit your individual needs. Sessions are conducted weekly on Friday or Saturday for 60 minutes each (with extention where required), over a Zoom or Google Meet call.


You can expect reflection exercies & practises to instill changed behaviour.Tools & Practices are curated to cater to your unique needs.

You agree to practice the tools & exercises and take accountability to commit to the entire coaching process to get results. Pricing varies & depends on the objective chosen, timeline & design of the intervention.  Should the need arise, you may review & re-set your goal during the journey. (This is subject to mutual agreement & session extension)

We also provide Senior Leadership Mentoring, Movement Therapy Sessions or Personal Coaching to Managers. Want to know more, get all your answers, CALL NOW at +91-99582-54329 or simply submit the form below:

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