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People Management Skills (Leadership series)

People Management Skills are the key to a successful business. While it sounds obvious, many companies are missing out on this important factor. Why? Because they're not taking the time to understand their employees and what motivates them.

This course will teach you all about human behavior and how to leverage it in order to get the most out of your workforce. We'll look at what makes people tick and how they work best together, before showing you some tried-and-tested techniques for getting the best results from your team every day.

This program is ideal for mid-management with few years of expereince as people managers. By the end of this program, you'll have everything you need to become an expert at managing people and getting the very best out of them - both as individuals and as a group.

Session Outline

Module 1 - Leadership at Work

This module makes them aware of Leadership Models that applies to different situations. At the end of this module, the leaner will be able to guage the development level of their team members and match it with the appropriate leadership style to get maximum results from each team member.

Module 2 - Conflict Management

This module aims to equip the learner with different conflict resolution strategies and help them evaluate which one is to be deployed to cater to the team's or companies goals. Learner will go through practical case studies and role plays. 

Module 3 - Coaching Skills 

This module aims to equip the new age managers with Coaching skills. Understand how to deploy it on an everyday basis to get the maxiumum output from their team members. 

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