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Power Of Now (Mindfulness)

Organizations are struggling to get optimum results from employees due to poor focus levels. This program caters to this need of a Hybrid workplace where employees are either distracted or unable to bring in their 100% to workplace. The art of being in the present provides 'sustainable attention' that is essential for enhanced performance.

This program allows the learners to understand the factors that take away their attention from the present moment, provide them with tools to deal with it differently, and equips them with few simple yet powerful mindfulness practices. The mind hacks that enable you to anchor in the present moment leave you with higher focus levels and better attention span. "

We also provide Corporate Etiquette, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Art of Moderation, Tune in to Authentic Self, Imposter Syndrome & several other soft skills trainings. You can contact us for Motivational Talks, Stand up Comedy and Leadership Coaching. All trainings are available in an online and offline mode and are customizable as per your requirement. 

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