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Panel Discussion: 'Quiet quitting' at the workplace

Do you feel motivated at work, or does going to the office make you feel stressed?

The idea of slowly withdrawing yourself from overwork has recently gained intense media attention. It is about “quiet quitting” - that is, clocking in and out of work, doing the bare minimum, and disengaging from all other aspects of the workplace. But is this a new trend?

Experts say the concept has been around for decades, but in the wake of the pandemic, employees feel particularly undervalued - and overworked. But is this also about broader cultural attitudes and toxicity at work that is seeping into our productivity and our careers in the longer term? How can discontentment be turned into ownership? Or is this trend here to stay, with the younger generation of employees preferring a better work-life balance? Can companies do something to avoid workers quietly quitting?

Presenter: Devina Gupta Contributors: Shikha Verma, HR Professional, Learning & Development Expert, and Founder - Vibrant Vibes Consulting., Suhel Goel, Executive Vice President, SandMartin Consultants; Astha Chandra, Leadership Coach and Trainer.

Watch the full episode here (Duration: 24 Min)


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